PST’s Sales and Branding resources offer you:

  • Key Account Management
  • Sales & Merchandising
  • Brand Building


Our Key Account Managers take charge of a brand as if it’s their own – they become personally invested in its success. They make it their business to know a brand’s DNA, build long-term strategies for its sustained success, and to execute these strategies with excellence.

Overall, our Key Account Management is informed by PST’s global experience and local knowledge. Our global experience empowers us to employ the latest trends in

  • negotiation techniques
  • rebates and promotional spend
  • trading terms
  • listing activities, and
  • sales analysis

to the benefit of your brand.

However, we always apply these expertise in the context of our intimate knowledge of local business conventions and shopper behaviour.


Irrespective of the market or consumer group we target, our ultimate objective is to be no. 1 in Sales and Merchandising.

In pursuit of this goal, we employ a simple yet highly effective strategy: we secure the best

  • price
  • presence
  • placement, and
  • promotions

for your brand.

We service the entire trade universe – from formal retail and wholesale, to forecourts, hotels, restaurants and catering, as well as pharmacies. We also service the informal trade, including vendors and kiosks.

We use our intuitive knowledge of the varied consumer needs of the people of Botswana, to assign your products to the right markets. Similarly, our home-grown expertise allows us to employ the merchandising techniques best suited to a particular consumer group.


At PST we know the importance of brand building. That’s why we don’t just get your products into a store. We also ensure that the brands we present get the best in-store execution, visibility, availability and awareness. We even offer you the opportunity to advertise your brands on our vehicle fleet. Because excellence in distribution means little without excellence in awareness and sales.

Our exciting brand activations fulfil another crucial brand building objective: educating consumers and shoppers on your brand, thereby creating the need for your unique offering.