Our Supply Chain Management services consist of:

  • Cross-Border Logistics
  • High-Security Warehousing
  • Countrywide Distribution


PST straightens the road for our clients’ products to travel across borders with our knowledge of the regulatory environments, permit requirements and transport infrastructure of our neighbouring countries.


Generous, high-security storage facilities enable us to hold sufficient supplies of stock at all times. Our main 22 000m² warehouse in Gaborone services the south of the country, while a 2 000m² facility in Francistown serves the north. Both facilities cater for ambient temperature dry goods, cold chain and frozen chain storage and distribution.


With a dedicated fleet of 73 trucks, PST can deliver goods on a weekly basis anywhere in Botswana, including to the country’s most remote villages. Our well-trained drivers know how to navigate Botswana’s challenging terrain – from desert to swamp – while keeping your products in premium condition.

Our sales representatives, merchandising crew, roving supervisors and national sales managers have access to another 72 activation and light duty vehicles to ensure the smooth running of operations.

With a range of world-class systems, including SAP and SAGE, we manage our stock, fleet and people to always deliver on time, exceeding both customer and supplier expectations.

To maintain the integrity of your brand, our security measures include strong rooms, vaulted cash offices, 24-hour CCTV monitoring and live vehicle tracking.